Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nothing to smile !!

Here's something I would like to put up as I couldn't control writing it...!!

From the past few days I've been in a deep thought

Thinking about everything I gave and everything I got !

Despite knowing that there's no going back

I still think to overcome what I lack !

I miss her and the time we always spent together

And those promises to live with each other forever !

I never thought that it would end so soon

It feels like the darkness with no light of moon !

Maybe my destiny had it written for me

And I think I lack something , I still cannot see !

No matter how she lives her life

Just to see her smile I'll always strive !

All was so beautiful, all was so nice

But thinking about it now give me nothing but bloodshot eyes !

I don't know what's going on, don't know what went wrong !

Feels like a hundred years, but I still can't believe you're gone !!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Friends..

Long time....I've been a bit too busy...or maybe lazy to write something...! Though a lot more than worse happened with me these days but no comments on that...!

Althogh here's something I HAVE been writing..

Friendship is something to hold on to
But for me that's not the case
Coz I don't feel I need to keep
Something that can't be erased

I am sure of what I have
Coz with you I have no doubt
For what we've built, can't ever fail
And that's all what I care about

I find it hard to describe
This thing that we share
Especially when there's nothing else
That ever could compare

Others always know
That together we will be
For there can never be another
Friendship as you and me!

Those two words, known all over
Might as well be one
Cause without you, there is nothing in me
I'm sorry, it just can't be done

For you're the "U", and I'm the "S"
And forever that will be
Cause together we make "US", and so

Monday, November 24, 2008

LeArN fRoM yoUr mIstAkEs!!

Whew... long time... ! But anyway here's a brief summary what happened with me on the 23rd and 24th November...! Superb vala katta hua hai yaar.. dono dino pe.. coz of which I even cried a lot.. ! But thats not a new a thing coz someone unintentionally makes me cry a lot these days so i m used to it mow :-) !.. I wanted to spend some time on Sunday.. but couldnt coz of some people.. and I thought that I ll do it on Monday.. but my fate did not agree with me on this opinion :-(.. ! So I think I should stop expecting things to happen

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

AnD SoMe MoRe Muzic..!!

Whew.. 4th and 5th November were the most tiring days i've ever seen.. coz I played enough music in these two days.. !! Actually on the 4th some guys made me cry.. that was one reason why i was tired..coz after crying my eyes became very heavy and i felt very drowsy ! Neway.. that day from 10:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m me , Revant and Daman were waiting for Mr.Sochipem to open up the auditorium so that we could take the amplifiers and the drums for practice !! Finally he opened up at 12:20 and we entered the room.. ! The song we had to practics was "Wake me up when september ends" by Green Day(I hope u ve heard it, its very popular)..! But as soon as we entered the audi we started our Funky Punky business( dats wat me and Revant call it) of playing the hard rock, trash metal and other songs instead of practising the song we had to perform .. ! I still remember the songs me , Revant and Daman played.. ! I played Pichle saat dino mei(rock on), me and Revant played Socha hai(Rock on ), I played Enter Sandman( Metallica), Revant played Nothing Else Matters(Metallica), we both played Naagin(Decibel), Seven Nation Army(The White Stripes) and many more till we were totally exhausted and about to fall off :-) !! Haan, but at the end we played the song we had to practice for 10 mins ( Wake me up....)!
Now comes the 5th November.. ! I was very happy that day.. coz of someone.. by just seeing that person smile for me... ! Then I called Revant for practice and we again had to wait till 10:00 for audi to pe opened up ! Then again we started our Funky Punky business !! But that continued only for 1 hour.. and then we got off for some serious practice.. and we practised the song for about an hour or so.. and them Hema Joshi ma'am came to listen to our song ! When we performed she was quite impressed and appreciated.. and to celebrate we got off to our Funky Punky business again:-D...and were again dead tired !!.. But seriously that was ultimately cool and I never had such an experience before in my life.. !! So the moral of the story is "NEVER STOP THE FUNKY PUNKY BUSINESS IF WANT TO ENJOY SOMETHING" !!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

U can't have it all...

I want to convey something to my friend.. !! She is .. I mean .. she wants everything from her lyf.. just everything.. !! At d same tym she wants to tok to me .. study phy.. listen to d radio n tok 2 her other friends sitting with her.. !! She herself gives me a missed call and after sometime she says " Tu mujhe padhne nahi de raha".. She never realizes dat how bad it feels to hear it.. !! I am very upset today.. only because of this reason.. !! She is mature enough to realize that one cant have everything in life.. ! When she gives me a missed call even i expect her to talk 2 me widout doing anything else.. her friends expect her to talk to them.. and she expects herself to do everything.. !! Dats why dis habbit of hers sometimes depresses me.. !! If she reads this then I would like to say one thing.. I am sorry if u felt bad about all this.. coz I ve never been so rude to u ever in my life yaar.. !! If u dun like it den I am ready to take my words back... and I would just say one thing at the end... Dat .. I ll always LOVE YOU with the same intensity and passion.. maybe more passion :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I MiSs YoU..!

Just want to tell something.. to someone.. that I miss you soooooooooooooo much... !! Wherever i go .. u r the one dominating my thoughts all day long.. !! You have a strong influence on my mind... whenever i go away from you for sometime.. it hurts a lot.. and i mean it yaar.. !! It feels that something is incomplete.. the surrounding is strange.. the atmosphere is weird.. !..But my heart says just one thing .. COME BACK SOON.. I LOVE YOU..:-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enter Sandman... Dream On... Kryptonite..and on and on..!!

For all those who could not understand the title.. its simple .. go to the net and search for these songs... u ll get to know about it !!.. So here I go.. by this title I meant " ITS MUSIC EVERYWHERE FOR ME"... since the time i ve been in the school band and have won the first prize in inter-school.. I ve been obsessed with music.. !! One day before my bio exam (probably the most difficult one) the drummer of our band called me up and said dat " Fireball is in Novemer".. ( Fireball is an annual rock fest held in DPS RK puram where all schools' bands compete and its probably the most difficult competition to win for every school except dps rkpuram)... When i heard ov it , for a moment i didnt believe that we've been invited for it.. but i had to ... !! Leavig bio i started discussing the songs we should perform in fireball.. and i almost screwed up my bio paper !!..
I was in love with my guitar.. i changed all the strings of my electric guitar ... !! ... I had prepared a few songs .. But yesterday we got to know that there is no fireball this year.. !! But I was not at all feeling bad about it .. because all i love is playing guitar.. and I wont stop that because of this fireball shit !!... You might have heard of songs like BC SUTTA and GMD which were composed by famous IITian bands like ZEAST.. !! Trust me .. when i ll get into a good medical college .. even i will compose songs like these.. i really want to do that .. but i m not so good at writing lyrics ( writing poems is different :-))..!! Neway wo to baad ki baat hai.. !! I have posted a few guitar photos .. n all guitarists like me and revant could easily recognise their price :-D... So I request all of you to please give some charity to me so that I can buy one of them :-P... !! If all of you contribute around 500$ , it would never be a problem..!! I ve always had fun in playing guitar.. but for sometime in October.. I felt like quiting all this music... The person whom I am referring to will definitely recognise this !!